The “Friends of Doccia” Association was founded in Florence in July of 2003 as a non-profit cultural association by John Winter and other enthusiasts, scholars, academics and collectors in order to create a research center for the antique porcelain made in the factory of Doccia. The Association represents a point of reference for studies and promotes research on Ginori porcelain in Italy and abroad through exhibitions, symposiums and cultural exchanges between museums and similar associations.

HONORARY PRESIDENT Lionardo Lorenzo Ginori Lisci
PRESIDENT Livia Frescobaldi
VICE PRESIDENT Fabrizio Guidi Bruscoli


Andreina d’Agliano
Alessandro Biancalana
Claudia Casali
Livia Frescobaldi
Fabrizio Guidi Bruscoli


Andreina d’Agliano
Kirsten Aschengreen Piacenti
Alberto Bianchi
Fausto Calderai
Livia Frescobaldi
Benedetta Gallizia di Vergano
Francesca Ginori Lisci Malenchini
Lionardo Lorenzo Ginori Lisci
Maria Teresa Ginori Lisci Guicciardini
Paola Ginori Lisci Sannazzaro Natta
Fabrizio Guidi Bruscoli
Leonardo Lapiccirella
Giampaolo Lukacs
Camilla Mazzei
Luca Melegati
Jonathan Mennell
Carlo Orsi
Alberto Pecci
Giovanni Pratesi
Charlotte Ricasoli
Oliva Rucellai
John Winter


Charles Avery
Sandro Bellesi
Alan Phipps Darr
Lady Davson
Aileen Dawson
Alvar González-Palacios
Mina Gregori
Hugh Honour
Mary Levkoff
John Mallet
Jennifer Montagu
Jeffrey Munger
Angela Caròla Perrotti
Dimitrios Zikos


Bona Frescobaldi 

Fabrizio Guidi Bruscoli
Raffaello Pernici
Cosimo e Maria Alberta Rucellai
Dino Tomasso & Raffaello Tomasso
Trinity Fine Art Ltd
Gabriella Venturi Ginori Lisci

How to join

Joining the Friends of Doccia Association means giving your personal contribution for the development of research in art history in the field of the decorative arts in Italy and abroad, and supporting the initiatives proposed by the Association about which the members will be regularly informed; participation in symposiums related to porcelain; receiving the annual journal of the Association, the Quaderni and the information, up-dates and developments related to the history of the antique porcelain of Doccia



Ordinary members
Individuals: 50 euros
Companies, institutions, associations: 200 euros
Under 30: 25 euros
Subscription to the Quaderni for the year of membership

Supporting members
Not less than 500 euros
Your name will be mentioned on the sponsor’s page of the Quaderni for the year of membership

Benefactors – one-time payment
Individuals: not less than 2.500 euros
Companies, institutions, associations: not less than 5.000 euros
• Your name will be mentioned on the sponsor’s page of the Quaderni and on the site of the Friends of Doccia for five consecutive years (2.500 euros)
Dedication of an issue of the Quaderni, your name mentioned on the sponsor’s page of the Quaderni and the site of the Friends of Doccia for five consecutive years (5.000 euros)

The membership fee is valid for one solar year and must be paid by March 1st of the year:

Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena Agenzia 25
IBAN IT27R0103002800000063676543
Name of recipient: Associazione Amici di Doccia