Jewelery auction in favor of the Museum of Doccia
Officine Saffi – Via Aurelio Saffi 7 Milan

Digital archives

Data base of about 22 thousand images commissioned by the Association starting in 2003 and continuing today. The archives record: the white porcelain from the slip casting archives of the Richard Ginori factory, the biscuits cast in the old moulds of the 1960s; the Gio Ponti collection of the Doccia Museum; various works from the Museum that have been published in the books of the Association; the Cantagalli archives deposited with the International Ceramics Museum in Faenza.


Letters to Ponti contest

Contemporary design critics have totally excluded the iconographical and symbolic aspects from the manufacture of contemporary objects. The gradual structural simplification, the stylistic standardization, the excessive subjection to the functional aspects have, in fact, brought about an impoverishment of the creative process and a corresponding cancellation of cultural diversity. For a country like Italy that has established a well defined cultural identity based on the wealth of its iconographic and symbolic heritage represents a cultural impoverishment. Gio Ponti was probably the first modern designer who truly understood how to use in his own creative vocabulary allo f the suggestions, the poetry, and the symbolism of a rich cultural heritage by re-interpreting them on each occasion in order to create a stylistic continuity that promises to maintain this identity. “Letters to Ponti” is an invitation to retrace Ponti’s steps and follow the path that the great Milanese architect forged and which we can see from the graphic projects to the interior designs, and from the objects to the architecture.

Cataloguing of the Cantagalli Archive

The Cantagalli archive consists of fourteen boxes containing photographs, drawings, sketches, pouncing patterns and stencils. A total of 17.107 documents were inventoried besides the 6.403 that had already been catalogued so that it is now possible to have an overview of the Cantagalli archive and to analyze the types of supports used and the systems for organizing the material which describe some of the most significant stages in the production processes of the Cantagalli factory.

Inventory of the Richard-Ginori Factory
2006 – 2010

Cataloguing of the collection of moulds, models and ceramic objects which are still present in the Richard-Ginori factory in Sesto Fiorentino and which is unequaled for its antiquity, vastness and wealth of different types. The project began with the dusting, inventorying and cataloguing of the collection for the purpose of creating a digital and paper inventory so that the collection can be preserved and studied.

Museum in short 2012

In 2010, after the discovery of the date and signature of the author on the moulds of the Pietà by di Massimiliano Soldani Benzi preserved in the Richard-Ginori factory, the Friends of Doccia had a documentary video made to illustrate how the plaster moulds are used to produce a sculpture in porcelain. The process is explained by Piero Luchi, master of artistic slip-casting at the Richard-Ginori factory.
Finalists in the first edition of MUSEUM IN SHORT 2012 organized by the Fondazione Brescia Musei with the documentary video on the technique of slip-casting.


Contribution to the Symposium on the exhibition “Baroque Luxury Porcelain: the Du Paquier Factory in Vienna and the Ginori Factory in Doccia”
January 28th and 29th 2006
Museum Liechtenstein in Vienna